Advanced Rule setup: Free labels only for Damaged Goods

Enhance your prepaid label process with advanced rules in your Shopify store. Learn how to create a customized rule for free labels with damaged goods orders.
It is a common workaround and required by the law in some countries; issuing free labels only to customers who have submitted a return that includes a damaged good.
How can I set this up inside my portal? Well, we're here to assist you with that. First things first, you need access to the Advanced Rules feature. Make sure that you're on the right subscription (Premium Plan and up). Since we now have access to the Advanced Rules, the next steps are:
  1. 1.
    You need to disable the option for Pre-Paid Return Labels (automatic) in your General settings:
Disabling the option in your General settings
Keep in mind that you still need to have your API key and all of the relevant information entered in the Configure dialog above, to be able to issue labels
2. Next, you want to create a new Advanced Rule (Return Settings -> Advanced Rules -> Add a new rule). Let's call this one Damaged Goods.
Beauty, isn't she?
The selected return reason must equal the correct value you have set in your General settings. In my case, it is Item defective or doesn't work. You can simply copy the value from your General settings and paste it in the Value box (pro-tip!).
The only other change we would make to the rule before saving is to ensure that we allow the Pre-Paid Return Label (automatic) method, as shown in the screenshot:
Free labels for everyone! Well, that have damaged goods, of course!
Voila. That's it. You now have your setup for Damaged Goods. You're welcome.