Enhance your shopping experience with Rich Commerce's Advanced Rules feature. Create custom rules for pricing, promotions, shipping, and more. Get started now!

What is currently possible with the Advanced Rules builder?

  • Triggers based on order information
    • Order Country (is / is not)
    • Order Tag (is / is not)
    • Days since delivery (less than / more than)
    • Discount Code (is / is not)
    • Discount in Percent of Order Total (less than / more than)
    • Order Total of Original Order (less than / more than)
    • Payment Gateway used (is / is not)
  • Triggers based on customer input during returns process
    • Selected return action (exchange, store credit, refund, etc)
    • Selected return reason
  • Based on these triggers, returns can be...
    • *Allowed / Disallowed
    • *Return options adjusted (exchange / store credit / refund / etc)
    • Return methods adjusted (label / no label / in-store / etc)
    • Manual approval of returns, e.g. for faulty items
    • Auto approval of returns
    • Custom returns address, e.g. for different countries
    • Customer Photo Upload (Add-On) for e.g. faulty items
    • Custom restocking fee (fixed, per item)
    • Custom label fee (fixed)
*Cannot be changed based on input during the return process (e.g. Selected return action or reason).
Important: the available return options for individual line-items in a return can currently only be the same options for all items in the return and not different for individual items.
See our tutorials on how to set up certain rules: