Adjusting for order date and what data am I getting exactly?

I saw the option to Adjust for order date but I am not yet sure what data exactly will I get? Has this question crossed your mind? Do not worry because we have you covered.
Adjust for order date OFF - having this set up will show you all of the returns that have been submitted within the given timeframe. This means that all of the returns that have been initiated in that time period will be calculated in the results.
Adjust for order date ON - this will only calculate the returns for orders that have an order date within the specified timeframe, which is the key difference in how results are displayed based on your preference.
It does not necessarily mean that having this turned ON will show up fewer returns than having this turned OFF. E.g. the Christmas period. It's a period where a lot of orders are placed and having this option ON will show up more returns than having this turned off, simply because returns for orders between December 1 - December 31 will be in a much bigger number.