Klaviyo: Setup & Integration

Unlock targeted email marketing with Klaviyo integration in Rich Commerce. Learn API key generation with out step-by-step setup instructions.
Yes, it has finally arrived. The Klaviyo Integration. The one we've all been waiting for. A highly requested feature has been delivered to your doorstep (well, not literally).
In the following part, we'll explain how to quickly set up your Klaviyo integration inside Rich Returns. Let's start:
Head over to your Dashboard. From there, following the Account -> Integrations route will lead you to currently supported integrations.
Once we're there, we should press the Connect button next to the Klaviyo integration. You should have this pop-up window appear:
Pressing the here button above will take you to your Klaviyo account, specifically to the page where your API key is located. It should be identical to the following picture:
The arrow shows exactly where your API key will appear. Copy the API key and paste it again in your Rich Returns dashboard dialog that's conveniently waiting for you:
We've set up the integration. What does it do exactly? Each time one of the following events occurs, we send and create an event in Klaviyo:
  • when a return is created
  • when a return is updated
The next question. What information do we send to Klaviyo?
We send a payload of information related to the specific return. You can access these data fields. A sneak-peek of the array of information can be grabbed here:
That's it. You have your Klaviyo integration set up and ready for endless opportunities of automating your email workflow.
You're welcome.