Dropshipping - FAQ

Get answers to dropshipping FAQs on Rich Commerce platform. Learn how to manage returns, international shipping, and inventory for dropshipped products.
If your business involves dropshipping and you're just asking yourself if our platform is the right one for you - this is the right spot to look at, so please continue reading. 💭
We will be guiding you through a few points of interest that may be of the highest value to you but please feel free to reach out to us if you think that there are any other questions that might be of interest and we should pay attention to. 🔦

Can a return be sent to different warehouses based on the location? 🌎

  • This is possible by combining order tags with the Advanced Rules feature we have. Basically, based on an order tag, you could add a custom address for orders that contain the same tag. If you need more info on this, feel free to contact us.

Can several stores be connected with one installation of the app? 🏪

  • No, that is not possible. If there are several stores in connection, they would all have to have a subscription/installation of the app.

Overselling - is this possible? 💭

  • By default, we look at each product variant and check if the option "Continue selling when out of stock" is enabled on Shopify. If it is, yes, this will be active for that specific variant.

🗝️ Last but not least and pretty important as well - the products need to exist on the Shopify store itself in order for customers to be able to create a return for them. 🗝️