How do I remove items from a Return?

Follow our step-by-step guide to easily edit returns, remove items, and resolve common issues like refund discrepancies and inventory management.
Did you ever need to remove an item from a customer return? Well, now you can and I'll show you how in a few quick and easy steps.
  • We head over to our Manage section of the return where we will find our feature near the bottom:
  • Once we're in, we will find our item with a quantity of more than 1 (at least 2). I found myself one such product:
We can remove 1 item from a total of 2, or we can always remove (n-1) items from n number of items. It's important to stress this because if we remove all of them - we would be removing the return as a whole - which we do not want to do.
Useful for:
  • when you're only accepting one item (and not a return of all of them) - bundles;
  • when a customer has made a mistake and returned a bigger quantity than they wanted;
  • when you agreed to accept one item - and the other items remain as a gift to the customer;
  • and more!
As always - feel free to direct your feedback to our Support Team. We're always happy to hear it - and act on it!