Started a return in Shopify but nothing is happening on my Rich Returns dashboard?

Resolve Rich Returns and Shopify integration issues with troubleshooting tips. Learn why returns don't appear on the dashboard, check API keys and settings.
When you start a return on Shopify - Shopify introduced this functionality recently - and you press the button to start a return, that does not translate to our platform and it cannot show up on your Rich Returns dashboard.
The reason is - Shopify does not have an API at the moment - that translates this return information to our platform.
The result - even when you press the button in Shopify, there is no way this process can show up in our system.
Vice versa - when you start a return with us (on the Rich Returns platform), or a return is in progress, this does not automatically translate and update the status of the order on the Shopify platform.
We will keep you updated on this matter if and when there is an update from Shopify on this, of course! ⚡