Deleted product / Issue processing return

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Sometimes, a return will show up with the error information 'Order not found', 'Deleted product', or even "Issue processing your return'. The issue will usually revolve around the return not being able to be processed. When this happens, it is good to check several conditions on your end. There could be several root causes of this issue and we advise to go through the following steps:
1) If the issue appears for all returns: make sure you use the correct URL to your returns portal. In some cases we see merchants link an incorrect URL to the portal on their website. Your up-to-date URL can be found in our dashboard under Brand-Settings.
2) If the issue appears for some or all returns: make sure no products from the original order have been deleted in Shopify by a staff member of yours. In this case, our system sends out an automated warning email notification with the title format of "⚠️ Attention needed for order/return #3187 - Deleted Product or Variant" to the email you specified in our dashboard. This email contains all information on the issue and how it can be resolved in the future.
3) If the issue appears for some or all returns: when orders are not imported correctly into Shopify, the items in the order will not be associated with existing products and variants in Shopify. The items in the imported orders are then essentially only placeholders with a title, they don't have any association to the products and variants in your Shopify store.
Three common ways to check this:
  • the item in the order does not have an image
  • the item in the order cannot be clicked on for more details
  • (technical) the Shopify API will show a "product_exists: false" for the item as well as no product_id and no variant_id
For more details on incorrectly imported orders see:
4) If the issue appears only for selected returns: make sure that there are no custom items in the order. Always use products that exist in your store.
5) If the issue appears only for selected returns: make sure that your Shopify Store uses unique order names. This is the default in Shopify. Some merchants use 3rd party apps to modify their order names which might cause Shopify to not be able to find an order since there are multiple orders with very similar names.
6) If the issue appears only for selected returns: make sure that the information the customer enters on the portal matches the information on the order 100%. If the information does not match, they will not be allowed to start a return.
If you have checked the options above and the issue still persists, reach out to us with an affected order number so we can have a detailed look.