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Excluding items from being returned based on product tags


Navigate to Return-Settings / General in your Rich-Returns dashboard.

There is a field for "Excluded product-tags" near the top of the page.


The product will show up as "Not eligible for return" for the customer during the return process.

Tip: To prepare the customer for this situation and reduce support inquiries it makes sense to clearly communicate any excluded products and categories on your own returns-policy page.

Special Case: Route Insurance and 3rd party products

How do I make sure the Route Shipping Insurance (or other 3rd party products) can't be available for a return?

  • Products can only be excluded based on a product-tag you assign to them in your Shopify dashboard. If there is no product tag because it is a product of a 3rd party app you need to check directly with their developers if there is an option to add a product-tag from their side. After that add the product-tag to our dashboard.