Percentage-Based Restocking Fees

Learn how to set up percentage-based restocking fees on Rich Commerce. Customize fees, apply them to returns/exchanges, and handle refunds. Explore now!
If you're looking at how to enable fees based on a percentage, you've come to the right place. For more information, continue reading down below.
First, go to our Return settings -> General and find the Fees section by scrolling below. We notice something new:
Image 1. A fine young man excited to see the new update.
Such as the young man above; we're all excited to see that we can now base fees on percentages. Next on our list is to fill the Restocking fee (in percentage) field and include our desired percent, such as below:
Image 2. Filling in the needful and letting our old-school calculator do the rest.
As you can see, we've entered the percentage, leaving the rest of our job to our handy and trusty calculator.
Only check the Enable tax-based restocking fee if you want us to include the taxes in the calculations.
As a bonus, here's a tip on creating an Advanced Rule and only including percentage-based fees in specific scenarios.
My return policy works so that all orders above $150 would require a restocking fee of 25% of the order total. In this case, I'm about to create the following Advanced Rule:
Step 1. The Order Total would be more than $150.00:
Step 2. My next stop would be the Other options section, where I would enter my desired percentage and Update/Save the Advanced Rule:
That's it, easy as 1, 2. Three is not even invited to the party.