Translations / Default Language

Customize and manage default language translations on Rich Commerce platform. Learn how to use the translations feature with us. Explore more with our webpage!
By default Rich Returns will detect the customer language based on the browser language set by the user and display the customer portal accordingly in different languages. This approach is the most widely used in eCommerce (e.g. by Amazon) and most user friendly since it really respects the settings of the user.
  • Find the pre-translated languages in the Rich Returns' Dashboard under Translations / Languages
  • These are enabled by default, no action needed from your side
  • Test it for yourself, e.g. in the Firefox browser
    • Settings / General / Language
    • Click "Choose"
    • Add a new language at the bottom or move your language to the top
    • Click "Ok"
    • Reload the returns portal page of yours to see the change reflected

Customizing Language

You can customize most texts on the returns portal, see Customizing the language / text on all pages

Setting a default language

Navigate to Translations / Customize / Select your language
  • Click "Activate this language on the returns portal"
  • Click "Make this the default language"
This language will be shown by default when no other custom language is enabled. If you have enabled only this one custom language, then it will always be shown.