How is the total weight of a return calculated?

Discover the factors involved, such as item and packaging weight on accurately managing return weights. Streamline shipping and returns processes with us!

How is total weight calculated?

Total Weight = Empty box weight + Weight of all items in the return
  • Empty box weight: the weight you set in this very same dialog further down so make sure to double check the value you have set.
  • Item weight: the weight you have set for the variant in your Shopify store.

Does changing the weight for a variant in Shopify change the weight on existing orders?

No, orders in Shopify are immutible and therefore the weight for line-items in existing orders is not updated. Changes to the weight of a variant is available to all new orders.

Can I bulk update the weight of products?

Yes, go to the Products page in your Shopify store and use the Bulk-Edit feature to change weights for multiple products at once. Copy & Paste also works in the table-like editor.

The weight does not match the weight I see in e.g. ShipStation for the label?

Weight calculations on our side are accurate. Please double check in your external account (e.g. ShipStation) if weight is calculated solely for products or also for products + weight of the box.