How to set up automated return labels?

To offer a wide selection of carriers we do not integrate directly with carriers but with shipping platforms that do. This offers both a superior experience to customers and merchants in terms of reliability. Costs for shipping labels are billed directly to your account at one of these platforms.
The way our prepaid return labels work is the following:
  • You sign up for an account with one of our supported label-platforms: EasyPost, Shippo, ShipStation
  • You can
  • You then add the API key from one of these platforms to our dashboard
  • This way we can request a return label from your account on these platforms
If you have an existing shipping platform account or already signed up for one we support, follow our walkthrough at the end of this page.
  • you do not need to make any changes to your existing business or processes by using these shipping platforms and by creating an account with them
  • the account you have with them can be solely used for the return labels and nothing else
  • you do not need to install any additional apps on your store for this to work
Other points

Set up your EasyPost integration

You can find your EasyPost API Key here after signing up:

Set up your Shippo integration

You can find your Shippo API Key (also called Token) in your Shippo Dashbord / Settings / API
  • Live Tokens: work for all carriers
    • make sure that the account you want to use is NOT marked as "Test" or similar
  • Test Tokens: only work for some carriers. Use the Live Token for the setup if you encounter any issues like "rate not found"

Set up your ShipStation integration

You can find your ShipStation API Key (also called Token) in your ShipStation Dashbord / Settings / Account / API Settings