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Set up for Manual Prepaid Return Labels

The following outlines the steps necessary to successfully send manually uploaded prepaid labels to your customers:


Since the label has to be uploaded manually, these type of returns cannot be auto-approved.

  • make sure that returns are NOT auto-approved (this is the default setting when installed)

    • Dashboard / Return-Settings / General / Disable "Automatically accept returns" / Click save

  • The corresponding email template is enabled

    • Dashboard / E-Mail Settings / Your customers / Select "Approved Return (Manually Uploaded Prepaid Label)" / check the settings

Note: if you use our Advanced Rules Builder and you have some returns with manual prepaid labels and others that do not you can also selectively auto-approve returns. For a start see Overview.

See over here for a detailed staff workflow to process returns with a manual prepaid label: Staff Workflow for Manual Prepaid Labels