Set up for Manual Prepaid Return Labels

Unlock control and cost savings with manual prepaid return labels. Learn to create and customize labels for carriers, optimize returns, and troubleshoot.
The following outlines the steps necessary to successfully send manually uploaded prepaid labels to your customers:


Since the label has to be uploaded manually, these type of returns cannot be auto-approved.
  • make sure that returns are NOT auto-approved (this is the default setting when installed)
    • Dashboard / Return-Settings / General / Disable "Automatically accept returns" / Click save
  • The corresponding email template is enabled
    • Dashboard / E-Mail Settings / Your customers / Select "Approved Return (Manually Uploaded Prepaid Label)" / check the settings
Note: if you use our Advanced Rules Builder and you have some returns with manual prepaid labels and others that do not you can also selectively auto-approve returns. For a start see Overview.
See over here for a detailed staff workflow to process returns with a manual prepaid label: Staff Workflow for Manual Prepaid Labels