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Complex E-Mail Workflows / Multiple receivers

By defailt, for every new return you'll receive a notification from us in the format of:

  • ↩ī¸ New return RMA-1573495054 for order 1147 / Store credit / Pre-Paid Return Label (automatic)

The email itself contains details regarding the customer and the return.


We see merchants build workflows based on this email through

  • their Helpdesk

  • their CRM

  • their E-Mail (Gmail, etc)

In most Helpdesks / CRMs / E-Mail applications you can execute rules based on

  • an email sender

  • content of email title

  • content of email body

Typical workflows we see across merchants

  • Distribute the email to multiple other teammates

  • Distribute the email to specific teammates

    • based on a specific return reason, e.g. "Defective item"

    • based on a specific country the customer resides in

    • based on a specific action the customer takes (e.g. a manual prepaid label)

  • Directly start a conversation with a customer in the Helpdesk

  • Provide the customer with additional information