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Pre-Fill Fields / Deep link returns - Order number & email in URL

Can I submit order information via URL to directly start a return?

Yes, you can attach parameters orderNumber and orderEmail to your regular returns portal URL.

  • orderNumber: can contain the order number or order name on Shopify

  • orderEmail: contains the email address used in the order

A fully working URL looks like the following https://returns.richcommerce.co/return/new?c=healthyfoodcompany&orderNumber=16347&orderEmail[email protected]

Note that characters have to be escaped correctly to be URL scheme compliant. See Shopify's documentation on Liquid about url_escape and url_param_escape here.

Use cases for the URL

  • your Shopify customer accounts page

  • your Shopify order confirmation emails

  • your helpdesk in case reps should be able to initate returns as well

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